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Digitec Number plate

Above: Taken with a Digital Camera and flash, the bright area in the centre 
of the plate is the Digitec Plate, the letters either 
side are a normal number plate.
The reflection in the top left is the Gatso Camera used for the test.

With the co-operation of Staffordshire police we tested the Argtec Digitec number plate. The plate costs $39 and is ordered over the internet via PayPal.

The plate I was sent was a sample saying GATSO, it's designed to reflect back the light from the camera flash and cause an over exposure on the film in the area of the number plate.

We tested it with my digital camera, the result was good. The plate was unreadable with the digital camera so it was down to the Gatso to prove it could do the job of seeing the number plate.

The sample plate was mounted over my existing number plate with double sided tape, we then drove the vehicle past the gatso triggering the camera.

The resulting negatives were then played with to see if changing the contrast or brightness, or any other way of changing the image for that, could reveal the digits on the plate. Viewing as a negative and flicking the contrast and brightness around we could reveal the number plate in all its glory. The police have instant settings for changing the views and they also revealed the digits. It took them seconds to read the plate.

Above: The gatso image gives a slight hint that there is something in the 
centre of the plate when zoomed in on as you see above

Digitec Number plate
Above: The fully zoomed image, viewed inverted and with contrast 
and brightness change,s show the plate digits. 
There in enough information to prosecute you on and they will come 
after you and throw the book at you for trying this on.

Digitec Number plate
Above: Daylight image, this was taken on a standard 35mm
camera with a manual flash set on max, not fill in. 
GN=58 @ 70mm coverage 6m Distance. Daylight

One other comment, the sergeant said he could spot the plate a mile off because the numbers were reflecting too well in his headlights. He would pull me for that and most likely give me a ticket for a non-approved plate or may even try to get me on perverting the course of justice.

Can we recommend it, No.

I would not trust the Digitec to save me from a ticket.

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