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LT 400 Laser Remote Control and Home controller.

UPDATE - 14th April 2007

I have been sent the latest update of the LT-400 and they have made some good improvements to the system. The fitting has been made much easier with the addition of connectors and a small distribution unit. These improvements have taken away the need for crimping and soldering and make this a much easier unit to fit. Over all this is a much better package that the earlier units sold.

LT 400 Laser
The Car Transponder and updated components.

The Target LaserTrack is the first Laser Remote Control System which can be used for various actions.

The LaserTrack can be used to open an electronic garage door, electronic gates or a security light fully automatically - I.e. without the need to press a remote control key fob. The system has over 4.5 billion unique codes so you can be assured of security. The system can also handle up to 50 different vehicle transponders, meaning that you can have a LaserTrack system installed and functioning on every car you own.

This gives you a reason to have a laser device on the front of your car. If it sees any other laser system it takes about 5 seconds to quiz that device and if that device doe not reply back with a rolling code it then shuts down for a short while and informing the driver through a visual and audio signal.

I am told the Target LaserTrack system is available in several packages:-

1, LT400 Car Kit- includes everything needed to fit a vehicle transponder to your car
2, LT430 Home System - includes everything needed to fit a home transponder and controller circuit board to a garage door, gate or security light
3, LT450 Complete System - consists of 1 x LT400 Vehicle System and 1 x LT430 House System
4, LT400-M Motorcycle Kit - includes everything needed to fit a transponder to a Motor Cycle, as well as waterproof and weatherproof toughened control elements


The LaserTrack Car Kit is now eaiser to install, instructions are supplied in the manual, I do recommend you seek a qualified auto-electrician to install the Car Kit though if you are not sure. The wiring in the kit is still supplied in parts but now has all the connectors fitted

LT 400 Laser
The Home System.
Transponder and control board.

The sensor head needs to be placed in the centre of the car somewhere near the number plate. An LED and Buzzer are fitted inside that car for audio and visual alerts. There is also an on off switch to control the system.

The Home System LT430 comprises two main elements, LT420 Home Transponder and LT425 Controller Circuit Board. The Home Transponder LT420 needs to be mounted on the outside of your garage door/gate/light where it can detect the arriving vehicle it must be mounted at the same height as the vehicle transponder. The Controller Circuit board LT425 needs to be attached to both the home transponder and to the item it controls, e.g. garage door/gate/light. The connection will differ depending on the brand and type of equipment you want to activate. This part of the kit may require a electrician to fit and with the changing law in the new year about home electrics you may need to get any part that is connected to the home electric supply certified.

The home kit comes in bits requiring you to build up the system yourself so if you plan to fit this yourself then take your time and read the instructions.

The black transponder is well built and has a good choose of mounting brackets that are now also painted in black.

I decided to control a light rather than my garage door. In use I found setting up the alignment of the transponder and receiver not to be a major problem, however there were no brackets in the box for the home transponder so I ended up lashing the transponder to the side of a drain pipe.

There is a timer on the control board that allows you to decide to the length of time the light stays on. 5 to 120 seconds. The control board can only power an item up to up to a maximum of 5 watts at 24volts if you use the supplied transformer, Using the relay only and leaving the transformer to power the controller its self, you could power a device to a maximum load of 3 amps 12 - 250 volts

The system performed well once I had lashed it all up. Every time I pulled into the drive the light came on allowing me on dark nights to see what I am doing.

Yes I know you are itching to ask... When a laser gun was pointed at the moving test car it failed to get a speed reading for the first 5 seconds while the system decided if it was the home transponder it was talking to or some other laser device. So it does work well as a jammer.

So can we recommend it.

Overall I yes. The wiring improvments make life eaiser to fit the unit, Its is not beyond a capable DIY 'er to fit this system.

There are a few things that lets this system down though. The wiring is a bit of a mess and would clearly benefit from some polishing off by adding connectors and a small interface box to make it easier to fit in the car.

The Target LaserTrack LT400 is a good option on the market today. It will do the job and give you the perfect excuse.

What do we like. What don't we like.
  • It's performance.
  • Loud clear sounds in a car.
  • Updated wiring and connectors. Easier to fit
  • Its a genuine remote control and jammer.
  • Heavy price tag

December 2004



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