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Snooper SLD920 Laser Jammer

Snooper Pack with Laser Guns in the Test  Copyright © Steve Warren
Above: The line up of guns on my dining room table...

The Snooper SLD920 is high quality product manufactured in aluminium, easy to mount and easily serviced and Costs £299.95 This twin transmitter, twin detector combined unit comes standard with two IR. diode arrays and a laser detector in each IR. head. A miniature buzzer supplied can be installed inside the vehicle, and provides the audible alarm each time one of the detector heads are hit by the laser beam of a police laser gun.

They claim that the unit offers:

  • Complete protection against all laser guns and fotolaser traps. The IR Detectors transmit the incoming laser pulse frequency to the computer. The computer calculates the optimal jamming pulse (APS) for the eight specially manufactured IR. jamming LED's in each head.
  • Automatic pulse selection for the optimal infrared jamming shield and because the jamming pulse only is transmitted in a fraction of a second, it has become possible to apply an extremely powerful returning jamming pulse signal.
  • Detection of the laser gun and Laser Warning Alert. The laser warning system (LWS) tells the driver, that a laser gun is operating near him

Included the Laser Jammer kit

Twin Laser Jammer units: Cabin equipment:
  • Two infrared laser detectors, one in each head.
  • Eight infrared laser Jamming LED's, in each head.
  • Microprocessor with self test function.
  • Intelligent software.
  • Waterproof aluminium housing.
  • UV lens in front of the LED's.
  • On/off Bottom.
  • Warning alert sound system.
  • Complete wire harness system.
  • Install manual with Online Internet Help.
  • Registration card.
  • 1 year warranty.

So did it work...... ?

With our boot load of Laser guns, don't ask, it not easy buying this stuff, we had to tell a few lies and spend quite a few quid, but it is possible to own your own speed detection gun.

Off to a nice quiet straight road, after all we did not want to attract too much attention, did we? We did the test by using the four main Laser Guns used in the UK, the LTI 20-20, Riegl LR 90, UltraLite LR and Prolaser II

We then drove our test car towards the guns in turn doing several runs, we targeted the number plate and as many other parts of the cars as possible at ranges of over half a mile, so far in fact it was hard to spot the car in the sights of the guns.

All the guns had a real problem they all showed errors, the LTI went through almost all the errors it could find, none could get a speed and only some could get a distance, even at 20ft the guns could not get a speed reading, not only that, but it DID NOT bring up the LTI's Jammer indicator. Now that's very smart!

I was impressed, very impressed, I have tested other jammers and they never worked or if they did it was only on some of the readings they managed to jam the guns. The Snooper SLD920 however did what they said it would do. It's a well made piece of kit, it looks good, and is made in a tough aluminium case, it came over as a high quality product, unlike the others.

So what's like in the car, well is gets rather noisy with it's warning system going, you get plenty of time to slow down at your own speed to the legal limit and then turn off the system as you continue to drive towards that rather confused copper... you could even give him time to get a speed reading of your car at the legal limit after the jammer is switched off to remove some of the suspicion.

The twin heads in this case were mounted in the grill and were not easy to spot without knowing what you were looking for.

Test Car Jammers Copyright © Steve Warren
Above: Jamming heads can be seen just to the left and right of the lights
in the bumper. This is the recommended position for the heads, half way
between the number plate and the outer lights.

The Picture Results

LTI 20-20 Jammed Copyright © Steve Warren    ProLaser Jammed Copyright © Steve Warren

Above Left: LTI 20-20 Showing error code E-01 it also produced code E-02
Above Right: ProLaser II, unable to show any reading at all.

Regal Jammed Copyright © Steve Warren    UltraLite Jammed Copyright © Steve Warren

Above Left: Riegl Showing the distance but "-??-" as the speed reading
Above Right: UltraLite LR, unable to show any reading at all, just error codes.

Please Note: The Snooper SLD920 is also known as the
Blinder M10 Twin Hence the same review for both.


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