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Radar Detectors put in to disrepute.

It seems that there is a problem with some radar detectors causing interference with both commercial and military communication systems.

Some of the lower cost radar detectors out there are causing problems to Sky TV satellite systems. Complaints have been logged with DTI and the Radio Technology and Compatibility Group have done some tests to see if this is correct.

The Project called "Project 706 - Vehicle Mounted Radar Detectors" reports on the problems with interference from Radar Detectors. After completing some tests, such as driving round a car park with a Radar Detector fitted in a car and a Sky satellite system a building established that interference was being caused by the Radar Detector. Further tests were then done to see just how much emission's are being given out.

Full report here... Project706.pdf

They say in their report that the detectors they tested gave off so much interference that they not only interfere with Sky TV they have the possibility to interfere with police radar systems.

This all adds up to bad news as far as I am concerned. The DTI have been considering banning Radar Detectors and this could be the ammo they have been looking for.

The company in question, name withheld, could have well shot the industry in the foot by "not making any attempt to limit the interference in their radar detectors", as the Radio Technology and Compatibility Group have put it. The company in question say its a batch problem, I have units from them a few years old and they also cause a problem so it must have been a big batch.

I have been out and tested a few of the detectors I have using my portable power pack and my own Sky satellite system and also found that I could interfere with Sky TV as well, I used a few deferent brands of Radar Detectors and some were of the same make but deferent models and it became very apparent that the lower priced units caused a problem.

For legal reasons at this time I am not naming the brands in question.

Regarding the law at the moment, and we are only talking about Radar Detectors, not GPS Devices which are I am told okay. If you knowingly use a device that causes interference and continue to use it you could be liable to prosecution. This is more likely if you have been told by a third party that you are causing them problems.

If you are concerned then you can do several things...

1, If you have Sky TV, take your radar detector and point the face, detection end, at the dish and get someone to flick through the channels, Sky One, UK Gold seem to get problems, if they freeze then you have a problem.
2, Another tip is to ask the dealer, if they can not give you an answer I suggest you hold back form buying a unit.
3, Ask the manufacturer advice, try to get it in writing, this will help you should you have a problem at a later date.


Manufacture Comments:

Beltronics. Importer: Complementary Technologies Ltd.

Dear Steven,


Having regard to recent comments re project 706 report by UK SpeedTrap Guide, in particular about the possibility of Radar Detectors causing interference to commercial and military communication systems. I wish to confirm that the Beltronics Models are not the devices subject of this report.


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