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TruVelo Forward Facing Fixed Installation Post

TruVelo Forward Facing Camera, Piezo Sensor road Strips, Copyright © Steve Warren.

Above: TruVelo Forward Facing Camera

Facing the vehicle and taking a picture of the Vehicle, VRN and the driver, by using a infrared flash gun as not to distract the driver. The camera film is sensitive to infrared the reflected light provides the film with the correct exposure.

The pictures shown are the TruVelo system using Piezo Road Strips.

The single incriminating photograph will not be sent unless the car owner asks for it - a Home Office ruling aimed at avoiding embarrassing situations if a driver is photographed with someone he would prefer not to be seen with.

How they Work The Piezo Road Strips are a known distance apart, and the time between compression's is measured to give the resulting speed of the vehicle. The system takes four readings on a two axle vehicle and uses the average time for compression's to calculate the resulting speed.

TruVelo Face Plate showing Camera Position and Infra-red Flash Copyright © Steve Warren.

Above: Face Plate showing Camera Position and Infrared Flash

TruVelo Piezo Sensor road Strips, Copyright © Steve Warren.

Above: Piezo Sensor road Strips

Forward facing Gatso are designed prevent offenders saying it was not them driving.. and bribing friends to take the blame.

That way they may avoid notching up more than 12 penalty points which, if amassed within three years, make a driver liable to be banned for at least six months. Exceeding the speed limit carries between three and six penalty points, although most speed camera offences are dealt with by post and carry three.

As vehicles are currently photographed by the cameras only from behind, it is difficult to be sure of a driver's identity. Offenders nearing the 12-point limit are paying friends with better driving records to say they were at the wheel.


Persuading or bribing someone else to take the blame is the latest ruse in what police describe as the "dodgers' charter" for speed cameras. Thousands have already escaped prosecution for speeding or jumping red lights in this way.

Forward-facing FIPs are legal and in use in some parts of the UK

The Association of Chief Police Officers have asked road camera suppliers to develop a machine that can safely and reliably photograph vehicles from the front.

They now have that camera, and it will become more common.



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