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Cobra ESD-6700 Radar/Laser Detector.

Cobra ESD-6700
Cobra ESD-6700

This is "not a bad little unit for the price", or so we thought

LED Text display, clear sounds and a nice female talking voice for added benefit. It's performance however was bad, very bad.
This unit was tested at the same spots on the same days as the other units in the tests.

Options for mounting are Velcro and Window suckers, the mounting bracket for the window suckers is not very good and it does obstruct the laser window at some angles. Power cable was more than long enough and the instructions were not bad.

You can not switch off any of the bands on this unit. So again as the Snooper we expected loads of X band alarms, (Not used any more in the UK) You get a Mute Button, City Button, Dim Button. The volume on the unit is loud enough and the build is very good.

Alarms come in a form of Text, voice and chirps. With a clear signal strength meter.

Power up goes through a test run sounding off all the alarms and at the same time the appropriate text for each alarm.

As you approach a Gatso you get the female voice saying "Warning K Alert" then the text and chirps take over with the field strength meter showing the strength of the signal.

Cobra ESD-6700
K Alarm.

So what tests did we do?

The most important one is the Gatso Test. We have a section of road that we use for all Gatso tests, it has one of the lowest radar scatter fields making it more of a challenge to Radar Detectors it also allows us to do the national speed limit if we want to. All the Radar detectors are tested in the same vehicles and in the same position on the windscreen.

The ESD 6700 was subjected to three passes using a stopwatch to time the unit from the first beep to the point of passing the Gatso to establish an average warning time . Speed was 60mph. Please note warning times can vary subject to conditions.

Times for the Gatso Test. Roadside FIP

Approaching Back of Gatso Approaching Face of Gatso.
  • Average 0 seconds
    Yes ZERO
  • Average 2 seconds

Times for the Gatso Test. M25 Gantry Gatso.

Important Note: The Gatso Used was a solo Gantry Gatso on the M25 Motorway. Speed was 80mph
We had the information confirmed by a contact in the Met that no other Gatso was working within 2 miles, this is important since another Gatso near the area can effect the results in a major way since they are mounted so high

Approaching Back of Gatso Approaching Face of Gatso.
  • Average 4.1 seconds
  • Average 6.0 seconds

Laser Gun Test.

The Laser gun was used in two ways, the first test was directly at the car with the detector in it, although the detector worked and was instant on alarm, if the officer used the first reading you were in trouble. However they often take a few readings so you may have a chance to slow. The second test was to have two cars in front and the operator target the first car and see if there was enough scatter for the third car to get an alarm, it was a bit of a problem for the Cobra we had one alarm in three runs.

In our opinion you could get a warning or you could get nicked when it come to the Laser alert mode.

False Alarm Test.

This is done over a six mile selection of roads taking in two Gatso's and a town centre with Banks, Supermarkets and DIY stores.

We had five alarms on the K band, the Gatso alarms were all to late and five on the X band. The amount of false alarms is important, if it spends all its life beeping at you, you will soon start to ignore it.

Can we recommend it, No.

Its a total waste of money for the UK market, Gatso coverage is what you need and this unit gave no warnings that could save you.
What do we like. What don't we like.
  • Clear easy to read display
  • Voice Alert
  • Safety Warning System
  • It's performance
  • No selectable Frequencies
  • User functions
  • High False alarms
  • Build Quality
  • Instructions
  • Choice of mounts
  • Warranty
  • No upgrade facility
  • No Soft case



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