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[minigatso2] [minigatso] About the size of a small aluminium briefcase, supported on a small tripod about a metre off the ground. Hidden next to unmarked cars, Motorway bridges and in the bushes. They are very accurate and means that the police can set up a speed trap in a matter of moments. Then by sitting just out of sight with the readout in there view they can wait for the unsuspecting motorist (picture on right)

Alternatively, they can set up a complete automated photo-taking MiniGatso (complete with camera and flash) in a similar way (picture on left). This not a very common system to see being used, the police now have a preference to the LTI 20-20 Laser system, having the advantage of a greater and more accurate range.

MiniGatso has been seen in use in Devon, Essex and Sussex. The system is basically a potable Gatso Camera





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