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Red Light GATSO & Traffiphot III

Red light Gatso Type SERCO 36 Inductive Loop  Copyright © Steve Warren.   Red light Peek Traffic: Traffiphot III G Piezo Sensor Copyright © Steve Warren.

Left: GATSO: Type 36 Inductive Loop. Right: Peek Traffic: Traffiphot III G Piezo Sensor

These cameras monitor the traffic signals. They are positioned between twelve and twenty metres before the stop line. The state of the signals is monitored and the device is 'armed' when the red light is illuminated. When a vehicle crosses the stop line against the red light it passes over loops situated under the road surface just past the stop line. This triggers the camera, which takes two photographs. One is taken immediately and one a second later to show the passage of the vehicle through the signals. The date and time of the offence, together with the time which elapses after the red light is illuminated, are recorded on to the film. The camera also records data regarding the amber light so that the correct sequence of the lights can be proved. In addition the camera monitors the speed of vehicles as they cross the stop line.



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