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Rocky Mountain Radar - Phantom II

Rocky Mountain Radar

I have been asked this many a time, is the Rocky Mountain Radar Phantom II any good

I have now tested a few for readers of the UK Speedtrap Guide and so far it has neither blocked a signal for my K band Radar Gun or the Laser gun and according to a test by Sheffield Police it will not jam a Gatso camera either.

In simple this device has not jammed any system I have put to it, it will however detect X, K, Ka Superwideband and Laser, but it does this quite poorly.

The Tec Spec.

POP Radar: Yes
X,K,Ka Yes
Laser Yes
MicroScan Detection Yes
SmartScan: Yes
360°Detection Radar/Laser: Yes
Warranty: 3 Year  
Jams All Laser: Yes/180°
Jams All Radar : Yes/180°
VG-2 VG-3: Yes/Yes



Can we recommend it, No


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