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Yes they do use it for speed checks. Derbyshire is one place

They often use the latest Agema thermal image camera and three chip broadcast quality video camera are mounted in a fully stabilised pod to provide greatly enhanced picture quality on the starboard (right!) side of the helicopter to detect human body heat on the ground. Inside there are eight tactical radios, giving the crew access to police UHF and VHF radio frequencies, the fire service, ambulance service, coastguard and mountain/cave rescue channels.

MET Police Helicopter   Copyright ©Along with most of the equipment having the ability to be voice controlled, another innovation is the provision of a "Microwave Downlink" to beam video and thermal image pictures direct to incident commanders on the ground who can view them on a portable screen contained in an easy- to-carry case. They have VASCAR and Tracker systems fitted on board as well.

Air Units are also being equipped with digital photography, enabling high quality, detailed photographs to be available to officers on the ground within 10 minutes of the aircraft landing.

The helicopter will cruise at 120 mph and has a 'dash' speed of 140 mph and usually carries a crew of three. Up to six people, including the crew can be carried. A stretcher is part of the standard to remove seriously injured road accident victims to hospital trauma units.

"It takes 450 officers to carry out a ground search of one square mile at a cost of £9,000 while the three man helicopter crew takes just 12 minutes to conduct the same search at a cost of just £160!"



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