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The Unmarked Police Vehicle


Unmarked on the  M6 Copyright © Steve Warren. If you are on the ball an unmarked police car will stand out like a sore thumb, if you are not then here are some things to look out for, (however an e-mail from a Traffic officer pointed out to me that most drivers can't even see a fully liveried up Police Car if it jumped out in front of them, so if you are one of those drivers you got no chance !)

Police Cars

  • No hubcaps. To reduce the risk of third-party damage during high speed pursuits. Mainly CID cars, most of the pursuit cars now have alloy wheels.
  • Odd lumps. The video camera if used is usually suspended under the inside rear-view mirror, and sometime also in the rear of the car by the side pillar.
  • Two people. Most unmarked cars seem to be staffed by pairs of policemen and women. In today's environment of single-occupant cars, this can be quite noticeable. They also have to be in uniform, and quite often wear fluorescent clothing.
  • Extra lights on the tailgate, behind the radiator or on the parcel shelf.
  • Two rear-view mirrors. They often have a second inside rear-view mirror for the second officer.
  • A large illuminated sign in the rear window, sometimes with lights at each end. This is the not quite the width of the parcel shelf and its about 200mm tall (i.e. a long, flat box). This is used to pass on messages to drivers like "POLICE STOP", "SLOW DOWN", "DO NOT PASS" etc...
  • Other things that stand out. Very clean and well kept, quite often seen sitting at 60mph in the inside lane looking for it's next target, No dealer stickers, in fact a total lack of stickers in most cases. Single whip Aerial on the roof or rear wing. Video & Mirrors Copyright © Steve Warren.
  • Tricks they try. Some have been known to use hanging objects to hide the video camera, using the "Boy Racer style of car". Placing stickers on the cars to try to blend in.
  • Typical vehicles they use. Ford Mondeo 24v, Volvo estates T5, Vectra V6, Citroen AX (Laser Car, Kent police), Ford Galaxy, Saab 95, Vauxhall Omega V6, Motorbikes are also being used and these are very hard to spot, but one give-away is that they stand out as being better bikers on new clean machines with add ons such as heavy side panniers to protect the video and radio equipment.

Police Motorbikes

  • Wearing a white helmet
  • Always wearing full black leathers
  • Always a hi-visability belt or waist coat ( normally the belt with single diagonal across one shoulder front and back ).
    therefore if you see a large capacity motorcycle, white helmet, black jacket and hi-vis belt slow down.
  • Dead giveaway from rear is panniers or boxes and three aerials that look like black felt pens, these bikes are given the very latest in technology and will have you without stopping you if they feel inclined to do so, be aware, be very aware!
  • If you see the above combination on a new big sports bike he won't have boxes just a little tail pack

    And remember to always smile for you mum on television.


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