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Laser ProPark Laser Jammer

Laser ProPark
The Car Transponder.

Every now and then something really cool arrives on my desk, and this bit of kit is very, very cool. The Laser PRO-PARK is a parking aid with a twist, its uses a state of the art laser diode to do the job. Military Technology is used. Yes your are getting warm......

In the kit you get the Laser Transponder, junction box, cable harness, a very cool mounting bracket, fasteners, bubble level and a user guide.

Build quality is outstanding, the transponder housing is built like a brick outhouse yet not much bigger than a matchbox, with more than enough cable for the job and a connector all ready fitted to the end. The Control box again well built and has socket for a second transponder so you can have one on the back of your vehicle if you wish. There is also a socket for the control loom that contains the warning buzzer, on/off switch, mute button and LED. A USB socket can also be found on the control box (For future use such as a Bluetooth connection)

Laser ProPark
Above: What's in the box

Now even though this product may be considered as a professional fit system all the hard work has been done for you and DIY minded person will have no problem in fitting the system. The wiring loom is made up and finished to a high standard and the mounting bracket for the transponder has been clearly designed to make life as easy as possible to fit the transponder to the vehicle.

So everything is in the box that you will need to fit the system to your vehicle. Fitting the Laser PRO-PARK to our test vehicle took just over an hour and it was very easy. The best tip is to lay all the parts out and first start with the best position for the transponder. You can mount it behind the grill if you wish but the Laser PRO-PARK will need a clear view forward, or back, to do its job. The mounting bracket houses the transponder and the design of the bracket allows you to mould the support part to most surfaces of the vehicle by bending it to shape. The Transponder slips into the bracket and then you simply bend the bracket to fit the surface you intend to mount it on.

Laser ProPark
Above: Pro-Park Bracket

Laser ProPark
Above: Examples on how well you can shape it

Then lay the cable round the engine bay to a position where it will go through the bulkhead, the fitted plug is small enough to fit through existing grommets. Then secure it. The next stage is to decide where the control box will be and then after that where you will fit the LED, Buzzer and on/off switch. Could not be much simpler.

So does it work.

Yes it works very well, judging the distance to the back wall in my garage was easy. You get a clear audible tone and a LED warning when parking.

The system has a built in automatic cut out that you can set to 8 seconds (default) or to permanent. This is designed to prevent interference with other laser operated devices that may be about..... your getting warmer...

Now being a laser operated system, I had a thought.What would happen to a laser gun if it was pointed at the front of my car... exactly what I expected, the laser gun could not take a distance reading. So the next test was to have a drive round and leave my other tester down the road with the laser gun to see what happened.

Well we set off down to the road we use for all our laser tests and had a pop at the Laser PRO-PARK in the same manor we would on a traditional device and guess what, this parking sensor has a sting in the tail, diddly squat, no speed reading in any shape or form. Another interesting fact is that we never got a jam code either on the guns we used. (UK approved guns)

Based on experience large vehicles, (Large vans, lorries etc.) may need two heads for protection, check with the dealership first.

Now we thought, lets hit it with the stealth setting of a laser gun we have to play with at the moment, now most jammers at this point fail so we did not expect the Laser PRO-PARK to work either. The sting is the tail is rather more powerful than expected, the stealth setting of the gun still gave us no reading.

Now we are cooking on gas, a parking sensor that has a real twist, you ever had such a good reason to have a parking aid, Laser Protector Ltd. are not getting this one back off me.

What do we like. What don't we like.
  • It's performance.
  • Its legal.
  • It's as tough as nails.
  • Build quality and finish.
  • Ease of fitting.
  • Clear sounds in a car with the added bonus of having an audio mute option.
  • It gives no jam codes or interference codes on any of the UK approved laser guns we used in this test.
  • It upsets police laser guns, naughty naughty. and they don't even know it...


Review January 2006



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