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Snooper S3 GPS Warning System. Readers Reviews.

Review 1: My Thanks to G Swain. June 2004


I have only just discovered your excellent site. I have had many radar detectors in the past including Bell, Whistler and Snooper and I was getting fed up with the constant false alerts being detected every time I passed a supermarket or a petrol station with automatic doors - they were driving me crazy! What I wanted was a GPS type detector that would only make a noise when there was an actual Gatso looming........instead of an automatic door!

Therefore, with this in mind, I have just purchased a Snooper S3 Neo and I must say that I am delighted with it. No honestly........I received the nice green box and immediately registered on-line and then downloaded the sites then hey presto, that's it! Keen to test my new gadget, I fitted it into my car and drove down a particularly Gatso laden road (there must be half a dozen or more within a few miles) and amazingly, as soon as I got within 500 yards, the S3 started singing. Brilliant! There was even a camera hiding behind a road sign and this baby spotted it!

The real test came today when I had to drive over 300 miles along the notorious A14. The S3 performed without fail and alerted me to every camera along the route, even one hidden behind a tree!

Therefore, I would certainly give it 5/5 and it is proving to be an excellent buy already!

Best Wishes

G Swain

This GPS safety alert system worked excellent today (23.8.04). I travelled a section of the A1 which is littered with Gatso cameras, some of which are hidden. The S3 never failed me once. It was constantly alerting me well ahead of the cameras and more importantly only alerted me to the ones that were targeted in my direction.

Another useful feature is the ability to log locations where mobile camera vans sit. I always make a point of pulling in a logging the location for future alerts, which are very handy.

The ability for the S3 to alert you to laser are radar approx. 2 miles ahead is an excellent feature this works on picking so called scatter up from the laser or radar.

All in all an excellent piece of kit, which gives good advance warning, well worth purchasing?


Mike (The man that does not speed, but gets tired of watching the side of the road for police cash machines)


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