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WLD-500 Laser Jammer

Above: The WLD-500 kit

The WLD-500 is another of the laser jammers out there on the market. At £299 this jammer system has a bonus, you do not need to get from the engine bay into the drivers area as the heads are linked to a receiver cordlessly. In theory, this is as simple as it gets for fitting.

Consisting of a receiver that plugs into your cigarette lighter socket and two jamming heads and a small control box. The control box sits in the engine bay and the two heads are fitted to the front of your car with the option for a further two heads for the rear of the car.

Wiring is as simple as it can get, all it takes is the connection of two wires from the control box direct to the battery and then the two heads are connected to the control box by their fitted connectors.


Above. Control Box

There are two problems I can see with the control box. First, the control box is not very weather proof and there is no weather seal at all round the lid of the box or the entry point for the cables of the box. Second, the circuit board is also not protected with a weather proof coating (Varnish) from what I can see. Be very careful where you fit this box, the engine bay of a car is a very harsh place and before you know it you could end up getting water into the box and your £299 is totally wasted. This is a poor design considering the control box will be mounted in such a harsh environment.

The heads look well sealed and only time will tell if they stand up to the rigours of sitting in the most exposed position of a car. The main problem is the fitting of the heads.

There is no support brackets and you have to rely on a sticky pad or two small screws. There is no adjustment in any way so you are not able to get the heads level if your car has no level surfaces. It is very important that the heads are fitted in exactly the right way so as to be as effective as possible, failure to do this will render the jamming heads useless. Again the correct fitting of the heads seems to have been overlooked by the poor design of the slots on the heads.

On our test car there was not a single place to fit them in the correct position so we had to lash up a support bracket and use lots of tape for the test to see if they worked. We also looked at some of the neighbours cars to see if we could fit the heads on any other cars easily. We came to the conclusion that on almost all the cars we looked at we would need to have some kind of support bracket made. In simple terms if you have a flat level surface from side to side and front to back halfway between the number plate and the lights, then you should be okay. Something like a Land Rover bumper will do.

So fitting the units took us far longer than expected because of the heads, it should have only taken 15 minutes at most, we took longer because we had to make up a bracket to fit the heads level.

The receiver was simple, 10 seconds to fit, plug it into the cigarette lighter socket and your done.

Overall the fitting of this system should be very easy, in reality however it is a right performance, especially fitting of the heads.

So did it work...... ?

The test road

Using our test vehicle and a road over 2000ft long we performed three runs with each laser gun for the test. We used a LTI 20-20, Stalker and a Speedlaser.

We sent the test vehicle past three times on each laser gun and the results as follows.

The LTI 20-20 managed to punch through on all three occasions and only showed a jam for a very short time. Not enough to protect you.

The Stalker had no problem in getting a speed.

The Speedlaser had no problem in getting a speed.

Our Conclusion.

The Results were very poor and we would suggest that you not consider this product.

Other notes about this product.

This unit is also known as the Mega Jammer M100EZ, a Korean made unit. It is often sold on the internet under the Blinder name by unauthorised Blinder dealers trying to ride on the back of Blinders success, be aware this is not a Blinder.

You can also find it under the following names. First Strike, First Alert, E-Sensor, FSLD1000 and Aatowave.

The manufacturer is Dongin Electronics sold as the Xing830


What do we like. What don't we like.
  • The principal of a cordless system
  • Ease of wiring
  • Poor design
  • Bad weather proofing on control box
  • Lack of fixing brackets so the heads can be fitted in the optimum position
  • Failed to jam to any success


August 2005


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