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Developments in Gatso

Digital Gatso Cameras with ISDN links are soon to be flooding the roads in a new push to stop speeding.

Known as Livelink the main difference is that they will not run out of film - because it won't have any...... A quote from a London Policeman "One of our busiest cameras regularly records 400 offences in less than six hours." Then we have to reload and that may not be the same day, so we miss offenders.

Images of speeding bikers and drivers are sent down the phone line to a central police computer and the NIP can be sent out straight away. So there are no costs for film, or developing it. You don't need to employ anyone to load or unload the films.

The Highway Agency, which is responsible for the UK motorways and trunk road network, is firmly in favour of cameras. The Agency's own figures reveal that cameras in London cut fatal accidents by 70 percent and saved £20 million a year in accident costs after their introduction in 1992.

It is also possible that these systems will not have either the Radar or the Flash fitted, but will employ the use of inductive loops in the road and a Digital Camera capable of working in low light. This would render Radar detectors useless, and given the fact it is no longer an offence to own and use a Radar Detector the authorities may go this way as a matter of spite.



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