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LTI 20-20 Marksman


Fully Portable Laser kit, this one over the M6, tracking the outside lane traffic (oncoming) and taking a picture of all speeders doing over 85mph, note the support case on the floor, this has houses the printer and video recorder  Copyright © Steve Warren.

Dimensions: 3.5 in x 5 in x 8 in
Weight: 4.5 lbs
Speed Measurement Distance: 30 ft to 3500 ft
300mts With Video Camera
Speed Maximum: +200 mph to -200 mph (accurate zero reading) Accuracy: +/- 1 mph
Acquisition Time: 0.3 seconds
Range Measurement Distance: 30 ft to 3500 ft Accuracy: +/- 6 inches
Acquisition Time: 0.3 seconds
Pin-point beam (3 milliradian divergence, 3 ft wide at 1000 ft)
Adjustable illuminated red dot slight
AutoCapture triggering

ProKustom's ProLaser II

ProLaser II  Copyright ©   ProLaser II  with CameraCopyright ©
Left: ProLaser Gun Right: ProLaser with Camera fitted.
Standard Features and Capabilities:
  • Stationary operation.
  • Laser beam just 3.5 feet wide at 1000 feet
  • Continuous speed readings are seen inside the HUD for as long as the trigger is squeezed; releasing the trigger locks the speed.
  • The settable Range Control allows an officer to determine the distance at which Prolaser II will pick up a target, especially useful in school zones.
  • In Stopwatch Mode, operate at angles to the target.
  • Can be operated through a windshield.
  • Selectable direction: An oncoming target speed is confirmed by a plus (+) in front of the speed; a receding target speed is confirmed by a minus (-).
  • Audibly verifying target acquisition is a series of beeps that become a steady tone when Prolaser II is making a direct hit.
Standard Features and Capabilities with Camera
  • Video and image capture unit utilises a miniature colour video camera aimed through the speed measuring unit's HUD in order to capture vehicle speed, distance, and identification.
  • System camera provides 450 lines of horizontal resolution with a 200 mm lens. This configuration allows licence plate identification up to 250 ft.
  • System incorporates a 3-inch colour LCD monitor mounted on the side of the camera to be used as a viewfinder for vehicle tracking and verifying proper operation of the system.
  • Pertinent data (vehicle speed, range, time/date, speed limit, threshold speed, operator and location) appears in the form of an overlay mask recorded on the high resolution S-videotape or stored in a digital format.
  • Records can be printed in seconds standard colour video printer.

RIEGL LR90-235/P & FG21-P

 Copyright ©    Copyright ©

Left: RIEGL LR90-235/P Right: RIEGL FG21-P

RIEGL LR90-235/P Details
Maximum Approved Distance: > 600 m
Minimum Approved Distance: 30 m
Accuracy: 1 km/h
Measuring time: 0.3 second
Maximum speed: 300 km/h
Weight: approx. 2,0 kg

Example of the spread of the Laser Beam over distance. (RIEGL LR90)
 Copyright ©

RIEGL FG21-P Details
Maximum Approved Distance: > 1000 m
Minimum Approved Distance: 30 m
Accuracy: +/-3 km/h (to 100 km/h) +/-3% of the measured value (over 100 km/h)
Target-acquisition area: approx. 25 cm @ 100m distance, 250 cm @ 1000 m
Measuring time: 0.5 second (between 0.4s and max. 1 second)
Distance measuring accuracy: +/-10 cm
Maximum speed: 250 km/h
Integrated Head UP display
Efficient jammer recognition
The device can be used comfortably and reliably by hand
Weight: approx. 1,85 kg

What you see in the display of the RIEGL FG21-P Display.
 Copyright ©  Copyright ©

Left: A lorry shown at 958 metres away, speed 95 km/h heading towards laser gun
Right: A car shown at 937 metres away, speed 114 km/h (- tells the operator that the
vehicle is going away from the laser gun) heading away from laser gun.


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