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Protector "Protector" made by 'ONTRACK'

Ontrack Protector Copyright © Steve Warren

Cost £39.95,

In the Kit you get 1 x Protector, 1 x Instructions.

According to the sales sheet this is how it works.......

Photo radar operates at known angles to the direction of traffic flow. Using a passive, state-of-the-art light-bending lens, the camera is unable to identify your vehicle. A 5-minute installation is all that is required. The number plate is still completely readable from straight on.

So did it work...... ?

Well after taping it to our test car, and finding a quiet road with a Gatso on it, we set up the test by using a camera placed next to the lens area of the Gatso and drove past. We did the drive past at 10 - 20 - 30 mph, and at no time could the plate be read. (We even played with the pictures with PhotoShop and could not get any part of the plate to show). So it look like it worked.

However our results were not the same for a Saab, the plate was just readable, but it was only just. (We have not shown this picture because it just gives out the VRN number). We came to the conclusion the higher the plate from the tarmac the better the Protector works.

But better positioning may cure the problem

Ontrack Protector  Copyright © Steve Warren

Ontrack Protector  Copyright © Steve Warren

The Protector can be seen over the plate from behind, it tends to give a double vision type of effect, this could be almost eliminated by having a plate with the numbers on the top of the Perspex, then you could not really tell the protector was covering the plate.
Again however because of the way it worked, anyone to the side of the car can not read it either, it produces a mirror effect as seen in the pictures, that includes that Police car that may over take you.

However a local Policeman said "It works well, in fact it is the best I have seen, but if I see it on a car I am going to stop them.

We decided with the use of a Halfords number plate surround, you could easily fit it and remove it, without the use of tape or screws.

Can we recommend it, Well..... YES.

However we recommend you test the position first before you go relying on it.

You will need to dig round the net to find a retailer.


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