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This Permissions page outlines Steven J Warren's policies for using copyrighted material owned by Steven J Warren.

Please note: Not all materials on the The UK SpeedTrap Guide's sites are owned by Steven J Warren. Rather, some materials may be licensed by The UK SpeedTrap Guide from third parties. The policies outlined in these pages apply only to materials owned by Steven J Warren..

Steven J Warren forbids all use of copyrighted html, editorial content and graphics from its sites and properties without Steven J Warren's express written authorisation. If you want to link to The UK SpeedTrap Guide, you may use the logos provided in the "Banners" section in accordance with the guidelines stated in that section.

If you wish to use any materials from Steven J Warren's sites, other than the official logos, upon request, Steven J Warren may consider granting express written authorisation for such use providing that:

(1) the materials that you wish to use are owned by Steven J Warren;
(2) the materials are neither altered nor modified in any way;
(3) the materials are used for non-commercial, personal purposed only; and
(4) no words, graphics, html or other content are taken out of original context.

Permission is granted on a case-by-case basis. All licences to Steven J Warren's materials are non-exclusive and such licences may be revoked by Steven J Warren or its designees at any time and for any reason.

Please note that Steven J Warren does not allow the reposting of its articles, resources, or pages in full or in part (including editorial, graphics, layout, and code) on other sites on the World Wide Web, without our express written authorisation.

All licensed materials are provided "AS IS," and all representation and warranties, whether expressed or implied, are disclaimed.

To submit a request, please send a e-mail to Steven J Warren putting in the subject header; "Copyright Permission Request".

Failure to obtain "Copyright Permission" will result in The UK SpeedTrap Guide seeking reimbursement in the form of Legal Cost and Fees associated in the use of any material to a value of up to and over £2000 per article used.



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