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Flip-Tip Number plate

Flip-Tip Number plate
Above: What you get.

The Flip-Tip Number plate is something that could come straight off the James Bond Film Set. Designed for those track days you flip your number plate so it can not be seen by some nosy insurance rep looking to invalidate your insurance. It is illegal to flip the plate on the public highway. The device is designed for use on a circuit and as such should only be flipped on race circuits.

It feels well made and looks good, the hinge in the middle can be seen, but one officer I showed said that does not matter as long as the plate can be read from a distance as the law requires, He then said where can he get one....

Flip-Tip Number plate
Above: Flip-Tip Switch with Fitted LED

The plate comes with all you need, the main unit pre-wired with the power cable and the very small waterproof switch, registration letters and numbers and reflective backing plates.

Putting on the reflective backing plates was easy, the numbers and letters however were a pig to line up, I screwed up on the first letter so I decided to get some advice from a mate who does shop signs. Get a cup of water, a very small amount of washing up liquid and mix it it. Wet the reflective backing plates with tissue (front face) and then put the letters on, the water/washing up liquid mix will allow to to slip the letters and numbers over the surface so you can line them up much easier. When they are lined up remove the excess water, carefully rubbing over the letters will remove some of the water from under them and leave for 24 hours for the water under the letters and numbers to dry.

Then the fitting bit, as I don't own a bike any more I was not able to do the fitting bit, but its going to be very easy to do. Double sided waterproof tape or screws are the options. Either way the instructions included and cover this part well.

The power lead is long enough for a bike and you just connect the Brown wire to Live (+12v) and the Blue wire to Negative (-0V), do this to the switched live side of the ignition circuit.

The control switch is fitted with a thick waterproof sticky pad and a status LED, and it is thick enough to absorb a small amount of curve so it's ideal for fitting on existing switch gear on your handle bars. Avoid any electrical coils and HF Circuits when you run the switch wire, as the interference can trigger the Flip-Tip and cause the plate to close or open and you don't want any unwanted bizarre effects do you.

In use its easy. Press the button and the plate folds in half obscuring the registration numbers, the LED comes on to let you know its in flip mode, it takes less than a second to do this. Press it again and your plate goes back to normal.

Flip-Tip Number plate

Flip-Tip Number plate
Half Open

Flip-Tip Number plate

It also has a cleaver feature of self testing every minute. This works is by resetting the position of the plate, i.e.. If its in flip mode, it will reactivate the motor to make sure the plate is still in flip mode every minute to make sure the wind has not partly lifted the flap, the same will be done if its in normal mode, saves any embarrassing questions as you ride home and a police officer sees your plate half closed.

There is no unit for cars at the moment.


Can I recommend it,

Yes, for the novelty factor alone its great.
It works, looks great and is built with bikes in mind,
James Bond eat your heart out.

The company that made the Flip-Tip has ceased trading.

Review done February 2002



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