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Vector Europa 966R Motorbike Radar/Laser Detector

"Take a 200mph Superbike and one traffic police officer with a radar gun"

What do you get...... a speeding ticket?

No, YOU get the new Bel 966R Radar/Laser detector for motorbikes....!

Bel 966
Vector Europa 966R Head unit.

The UK Speedtrap Guide and Motorcycle News was involved in the launch of the new Vector Europa 966R, Beltronics latest radar/laser detector designed for motorbikes. Until now motorbike riders have had to have a unit that had been designed for car drivers and use an earpiece to hear the warnings. This is totally unsatisfactory to most bikers along with the fact that the cases of most units offer no protection to the elements such as rain or from theft.

The development of the motor bike kit has been done by Target Automotive. It is not a Beltronics development and not available anywhere else in the world. FYI Target Automotive is the authorised European Beltronics distributor. They came up with neat little unit that will fit on a motorbike they say gives a guaranteed 200m warning on a Gatso. This is the yet another unit that has come from Bel stable that is the"dogs dangly bits", it's performance is quite simply brilliant and motorbike riders will love it.

With some cleaver design and careful tuning of the unit it offers outstanding performance unlike any other on the market. Its a small unit with a detachable brain, remote laser head, remote radar head and a red warning boom light fixed to the handlebars of the bike the sound comes out of the main unit. This unit on the bike was also fitted with an interface to link the Target Laser Echo 850 unit to the Bel as well.

The test bike was a 189mph Kawasaki Ninja superbike and the police offers were fighting over it to try. Neatly fitted on it was the Vector Europa 966R unit and a Target Laser Echo 850.

Bel 966 head Bel 966 Radar
LEFT: Bike showing the boom warning light and the Vector Europa 966R control unit on the left fairing.
RIGHT: Radar pickup head sat in front of the radiator.
The laser detector and jammer were fitted in the top light on the fairing.

Testing Times...

Approaching back of Gatso. Range in feet (metres)
  • Bel 966 - 745ft (227m) = 8.4 second warning at 60mph

Other detectors in this test for comparison as the distances can vary from test to test.

  • Cheetah - 740ft (225m) = 8.4 second warning at 60mph
  • Bel 550 - 730ft (222m) = 8.2 second warning at 60mph
  • Morpheous Radar Head - 750ft (228m) = 8.5 second warning at 60mph
  • Valentine One (2002 Edition) - 680ft (207m) = 7.7 second warning at 60mph

Please note: Detection range will vary depending on mounting position and type of car and wind screen. We suggest you try different positions in you vehicle to maximise range. If you are approaching the face of a gatso you can expect ranges of 3x what is shown above in most cases.

Speed v Distance covered.
30mph = 44ft/sec
40mph = 58ft/sec
50mph = 73ft/sec
60mph = 88ft/sec
70mph = 102ft/sec


Bel 966 control
Alarm Mode, the boom light is bright and clear,
the closer to the radar you get the faster it flashes,
the head unit shows the signal and type.

Handheld radar was not a problem, the tester was getting readings from the Vector Europa 966R before he could even see the police officer, a range of over a mile and a half was reported.

Laser Gun Test.

The Laser gun was used in two ways, the first test was directly at the bike with a car behind, although the detector worked and was instant on alarm, the Target Laser Echo 850 did all the work, no signal was taken off the bike and therefore no speed was shown on the display. The second was only with the bike the results were the same no speed reading. This bike was immune to laser, and believe me the officers were trying very hard to get a reading.

Can we recommend it, YES, we can,
This is a real ticket saver.

If you are a biker and want the best system around for bikes then this is the one to have. Remember a Target Laser Echo 850 was also fitted to the bike. Car owners can also have this unit in a car format.

What do we like. What don't we like.
  • It's performance
  • Clear easy to see boom warning light
  • Loud Clear Sounds, even on a bike
  • Selectable Frequencies
  • Size
  • User functions
  • Low False alarms
  • Build Quality
  • Instructions
  • Warranty
  • Value for money
  • Small display
  • No case for the control unit
  • Its a bit pricey


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