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NOVUS Eye Plus V2 2011 Digital Black Box Video Recorder

NOVUS Eye Plus

This clever gadget that records in real time Video, Audio, Position and Speed along with G-force data on to a memory card for later playback.

The Novus Eye Plus V2 2011 is the updated version of the old Novus Eye Plus. This new unit looks exactly the same but has some subtle changes to the firmware and hardware, all to add improvements. Gone is the 16 GIG SD Card limit, 23 hours recording and in is a 32 GIG SD Card limit giving a massive 72 hours recording, that's 8 hours recording a day for 9 days all in this small plug and play unit. They have improved the software so you can now see both video feeds if you use a second camera and also added a password control to the system. The have also been some improvement to the video codec, that has improved the video image slightly.

Sold on its merits of being able to help you prove who was in the wrong if you were involved in a crash, of course you would only show the video if you were in the right because the last thing you would want to do is incriminate yourself.

So is it any good?

Its takes minutes to fit in your car, simply clean a spot on the inside of your windscreen where the wipers pass by on the outside so the camera always has a clear view and stick to the screen. (There is an option for either a quick release mount of a suction mount if wanted). Run the super long power cable to a suitable power point or hardwire it in. Insert the SD card and power up. That's it.

You need to decide on the settings you want, the best way to do this is to power up the camera with the SD card inserted and then let it program the card. Then remove the card and take it to a PC and use the supplied Road Eye software to make the final settings to sped, G-force levels and times. The software is easy to use, I will cover that later.

NOVUS Eye Plus MountsNOVUS Eye Plus Mounts
Mounting Options
LEFT: Quick release mount RIGHT: Suction mount

You can set it to record 30 seconds of an event, 15 second before, 15 seconds after, either triggered by exceeding the set G-force or by pressing the emergency button on the side of the camera. You can also set it to continuously record as soon as you power up the unit. I use this setting and when the memory card is full it records over the oldest data in a loop.

Its has a couple of LED's to let you know what is going on in regards to recording type, GPS fix and SD card problems.

You can add a monitor or a second camera. I opted for the second camera and I fitted this looking out of the rear window.

In normal recoding, one camera you get 640x480 at 30 frames per second, with the second camera you still get 640x480 but it drops to 15 frames per second, 15 frames for each camera. 640x408 is far from HD quality but more than enough to catch vehicle details in the event of a crash. Video is in colour and the camera copes well with changing light conditions. Overall is very good and more than enough.

The built in microphone, (this can be disabled in the software) hears almost everything, can even pick up the noise if the indicator relay.

G Sensor is a 3 axis type and I am told is calibrated. GPS is very sensitive and has no problem with a quick lock upon power up.

novus eye v2 software

Software is easy to use and very informative. Giving you all the data in an easy to understand fashion. You can view the video outside of the software if you want and the software will let you save events in a for of a printable page. It now has a password feature and will show you both video files if you use the optional second camera.

Overall this is a great product and I can see it being very handy in the event of a no fault accident, can't beat a bit of video to prove it was not you fault.

For track days its going to be great fun to see what G's you pulled round the bends and how fast you were going.

Can we recommend it, Yes

Its a great bit of kit to protect you no clams bonus in the event of a non fault accident.

And now you can show you mates just how much G your car can pull on those track days..


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