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Blinder Compact HP-905
Multi Head Laser Jammer and Parking System

Blinder Compact 2012 Multi Head Laser Jammer and Parking System

The UK Speedtrap Guide is the first reviewer to have this Blinder Compact HP-905 in the UK and its got to be one of the best systems I have tested so far.

Blinder has made some dramatic improvements to the new model over the older system, they have reduced the laser head size to one of the smallest heads about and they have also increased the performance over the old system dramatically, and the old M27 was a stunning bit of kit, but the Blinder Compact tops them all.


Along the new smaller heads is a new Blinder Compact Control unit this intelligent CPU, with day and night mode, adjustable volume and warning display now feed more information to the driver. The radio mute features allows you to have your radio muted when a warning is given, ensuring you never miss a warning. You get voice alerts along with active laser gun identification. Jam codes are almost non existent and the punch through distance has been reduced even further to make it the most powerful system on the market. We were not able to get speed readings right down to around 60ft in our simple test.

Blinder Compact 2012 Multi Head Laser Jammer and Parking System
The all new Blinder Compact CPU

The Blinder Compact Control unit can be mounted almost anywhere as they have now added a new remote 4 way switch to control it. Its fully updated by a USB connected PC so it should never go out of date. It will control up to 4 laser heads at a time.

The Install

Blinder Compact 2012 Multi Head Laser Jammer and Parking System
Blinder Compact 2012 Multi Head Laser Jammer and Parking System
Blinder Compact, small enough to hide

As I say with all installs, plan it out first, dummy run everything so you know exactly how it will fit and where it fits best. In the case of jammers its very important that you get the laser heads in the right place. Blinder have always done two heads, one head is never enough in my opinion and Blinder agree. Some manufactures provide one head to keep the cost down, I don't agree this is a good idea. Set the heads to offer the best protection from the laser gun when it is targeted on the number plate and headlights. Keep the heads level and pointing in the right direction, and have nothing in front of them that could block the jamming heads field of view. Do read the instructions.

Blinder Compact 2012 Multi Head Laser Jammer and Parking System
Blinder Compact, a pound coin says it all about the size

The new small Blinder Compacts heads are a pleasure to install, they hide away so easily in the tightest of spots and don't look out of place. The control cables are long enough and the connectors are small enough to fit through the bulkhead. The simply plug into the control unit.

The control unit can go where you want it, I choose again to loose it under the trim. I can still hear the voice alert and the remote switch allows me to control the functions anyway, some of you may want it on display. its small enough to sit in an ashtray for example on a custom install. Its a simple +12v and -12v along with a to ground radio mute. There is a USB port and an accessory port for the 4 way switch.

Blinder Compact 2012 Multi Head Laser Jammer and Parking System
The New Blinder Compact Switch

The 4 way switch is well made and easy to fit with plenty of cable, it contains no markings to ID it as a switch for a jammer, just numbers 0-3

The install took about two hours on our vehicle, but I am getting a dab hand at pulling it apart now.


Off to a nice quiet straight road we set up the Prolaser 2 and 3, LTI 20-20 and Ultralite for a test.

We then drove our test car towards the guns in turn doing several runs, we targeted the number plate and as many other parts of the cars as possible at ranges of over half a mile, so far in fact it was hard to spot the car in the sights of the guns. We used a silver van as the test vehicle.

The tests we did were simple to the point tests, the first one was could we get a speed on a slow moving car if we swept the laser over the front of the car including such areas as the wing mirrors, lower bumper, roof/windscreen corner, doing it on a slow car makes it hard for the jammers and the laser gun operator gets lots of time to find punch though spots. Our first punch through was at 60ft on the very edge of the spoiler on the bumper, I consider that a result for Blinder.

The next test was to see if we could get a speed before the driver slowed to our chosen speed. The test vehicle was to be driven at 60mph, the chosen speed was 30mp, the laser gun operator failed to get a speed before the vehicle slowed to the selected speed. Another pass for Blinder.

We then spent another hour dosing about to see if we could catch the jammers out in any way, each time we were defeated.

It's a well made piece of kit, it looks good, and is made in a tough aluminium case, it came over as a high quality product, unlike the others.

The twin heads in this case were mounted in the grill and were not easy to spot without knowing what you were looking for.

Our simple but effective tests clearly show the Blinder Compact HP-905 has what it takes to hide a car from a laser gun.





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