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Redeye 77

The RED EYE 77 Red Light Camera system sends real-time offence data to a central processing centre using high-speed telephone lines or other communication technologies. Cumbersome 35mm filmstrips that are expensive to collect and time-consuming to process have been replaced by compact Digital Audio Tapes and WORM-CD drives that are capable of storing and transmitting thousands of offence records at the click of a button.

RED EYE 77   Copyright © The RED EYE 77 is capable of monitoring up to three lanes of traffic. Using high speed KODAK digital traffic cameras, the system generates high resolution photographs of all offenders travelling through red lights. The system works 24 hours per day, in all lighting conditions. Two digital photographs of each offender are produced and encryption technologies are used to preserve the integrity of the data generated. High-speed ISDN telephone lines or other data communications systems instantaneously relay the offence data to a central Data Processing Unit where NIP's are automatically printed and mailed. An infrared based version of the system is also offered, whose nighttime flash is invisible to the human eye.

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