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Blinder M27 x-treme
2 Head Laser Jammer and Parking System


Blinder M27 M37 M47 police laser gun Laser jammer

Blinder have succeeded to develop a technology platform as the basis for the new product line M27 X-Treme. They have focused on just three factors that are important when we talk about protecting drivers against laser speed measuring devices, namely

Super effective jamming system that can detect and protect against the many different laser guns in most conditions without showing jamming code.
Internet updateable software for the Blinder User to stay protected with updated jamming software.
New features that make using of the Blinder legal in countries with laser jammer ban.

The M27 comes with a more powerful platform based on a new central CPU that controls user settings, software updates, synchronization of all transponders and communications.
Improved detection and jamming function (hardware & Software)PC software updateable (via USB port on the CPU module)
The Blinder Update Software also
allows the user to change system settings like upstart behaviours, jamming period and more.
Free software downloads from Blinder website (Including e-mail service)
Multi-function System (user can easy select modes: parking sensor or garage door opener/jamming mode by a new 3-postion switch)

The Blinder M27 is an advanced multi purpose laser system offering:

Speed laser defence, Laser parking assist

The Blinder M27 comes with:

2 Transponders, 1 CPU, 1 CPU wiring kit, 1 Mounting kit

Unique Blinder product advantages:

Blinder 10 years experience as market leader

  • Internet upgradable software - guarantees protection against futureĀ 
    laser speed traps
  • User definable modes
  • Protects against speed laser traps (Patented Stealth mode jamming)
  • Responds only to actual speed lasers (no false alerts)
  • Audible & Visual Alerts
  • Discreet front and / or rear install on any vehicle or motor bike
  • 2 years warranty





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