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RoadPilot MicroGo GPS Speedtrap Location System.

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RoadPilot MicroGo

This is the new and updated version of the original RoadPilot Micro. Although the original Micro is still available, this newer and cheaper version offers all the same feature features and performance.
Included with the unit is six months free database updates. Once the six months has expired you can purchase yearly updates for a reasonable £49. It is worth noting as with all RoadPilot Products if you don't continue to subscribe you loose all teh database functions. Also if you are the first person to upload and then report a new camera installation you may be eligible for a £10 credit towards your annual subscription.

In the box you will find the main unit, a part straight, part coiled power cable, window mounting bracket with effective suction cup and a user guide. In addition to these you will also find a USB cable and CD containing the RoadPilot synchronisation software.

Some of the features include of the MicroGo include;
Speed Display - Uses the GPS satellites to calculate your speed over ground with great precision. Displayed in mph or km/h (user selectable)
Camera Warning - Shows your speed and the road's speed limit. The bar graph indicates the range to the speed camera. Audible and visual warnings are given if you are exceeding the speed limit.
Rescue ME™ - Useful for advising rescue services and roadside assistance of your exact position.
Trip Computer - Shows the Odometer and a re-settable Trip Counter. Displayed in mph or km/h (user selectable).
Compass Heading - Shows your vehicle's heading as a rotating card "head up" compass display. Your current speed is also shown.
Congestion Charge - Gives an advance warning when approaching on the boundary, and while in the Congestion Charge Zone.
Max Speed Alarm - Activates when you exceed your personal speed limit (user selectable).
Date and time - The micro's GPS receiver receives extremely accurate information from an "atomic clock" providing precise time as well as showing the date.

The major difference between the Micro and the MicroGo is its ease of installation. The MicroGo can be used straight out of the box. As the GPS antenna is built in, and the unit only uses one cable which is used to supply power, it really is plug and go. It is entirely possible to walk into a retailer, purchase a MicroGo, go back to your car and start using it immediately. This ease of installation and use also means that the MicroGo is easily transferred between vehicles, making it ideal if you have more than one vehicle.

The MicroGo uses a single button to allow access to the menu for adjusting settings such as backlight colour, colour of the screen during an alert, imperial or metric display, etc. This makes the MicroGo easily tailored to your own preferences, and with 64 colours available you can easily tailor it to match you vehicles instrument lighting. As a safety feature, the settings menu cannot be accessed while the vehicle is in motion.

In use the MicroGo is simple and easy to use. Once powered up it locks onto the satellites quickly, never taking more than a minute to obtain a fix. By default your current seed is displayed although you can change this display by using the button on the unit.

The distance at which you are warned of a camera on approach can be set via the menu. By default the unit is set to give a 1 mile warning. The MicroGo can be set to give audible warnings only if you are over the speed limit and can be set to ignore cameras on the opposite side of the road. The MicroGo also has a speed sensitive auto range facility which automatically increases the warning time as your speed increases.
Another useful feature of the MicroGo is it’s over speed setting. You can set an upper speed limit and the MicroGo will warn you when you speed is above the preset level.

Updating the database is simple and straight forward. The synchronisation software is on the CD supplied and is easily installed. The USB cable in the box allows you plug the unit directly into any USB port on your computer. The MicroGo is supplied power directly from the USB port making the need for an additional cradle obsolete. Once connected the software automatically detects your MicroGo. From then it is a simple case of clicking Start to begin the database update

Sample Screen Shots

In all, the MicroGo is a very simple to use and effective Safety Camera and Black Spot warning device. Its installation means it can be used without delay and is easy enough for even technophobes to use! I have even used the MicroGo in Belgium and France and found it to be as effective as it is in the UK.

The one draw back with the MicroGo is that if you want Laser detection you need to buy the Laser Kit separately. Other than that, the MicroGo is a superb unit and I would not be without mine!

The MicroGo is one safety camera warning unit I can recommend 100%

Review July 2006



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