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K40 DefuserPlus

" K40 DefuserPlus " made by 'K40' in USA.

K40 are so confident that the Laser DefuserPlus will protect you that on their website they say "We'll pay the cost of your fine for any laser speeding tickets you get for one year after purchase! but I guess this is for the USA only.

Anyway what do you get in the pack, 1 DefuserPlus with enough wiring connected to it to go round the world, well not quite, but you get my meaning. Plenty of nuts and bolts, the warning buzzer, warning light, fuse holder, electrical connections and a full set of instructions.

K40 Pack Copyright © Steve Warren
Above: What's in the pack?
one head with fitted wiring loon, LED, Water proof Fuse holder, Screws Electrical Joints.
warning alarm and a very good set of fitting Instructions.

The £250.00 + VAT unit is 6" wide 1" deep and 1" high with two windows on the face, one for the sensor and the other for the laser diodes. It is made of a very strong plastic and well sealed from the elements such as rain.

On opening the box my first concern was fitting the unit, in the USA they have a surround for the number plate that the DefuserPlus fits into, making it all look very neat. However the unit I was supplied had no surround for the number plate, and I guess even if it was supplied it would have been useless for UK number plates. The wires come out from the side, again in the US plate surround they are hidden, not so for UK users without a surround.

So how do we fit the unit, well just above the number plate perpendicular to the ground I have been told. This put the DefuserPlus in a very vulnerable position sticking out from the front of my car. Two self-tapping screws hold it on, but this leaves it open to theft, so I suggest either pop rivets or bolts even better would be, if you are brave enough, to recess it into the bumper.

The instructions cover the wiring very well, you have to fit a warning light on the dash and a buzzer, they suggest, inside an air vent, there is no off switch you rely upon the connection to ignition on, again I would suggest that you add your own off switch

Overall it was easy to fit, but I would like to see a better way of mounting it on a UK car number plate. The current way makes it stand out far too much, leaving it open to theft and damage from parking or other cars. Come on K40 if you plan to sell it to the UK you need to offer us a surround as you do in the USA.

So did it work?

We tested it against the Marksman LTI 20-20 & ProLaser II.

On turning the ignition on the warning light illuminated and buzzer sounded to confirm the unit was operating.

Both Laser units could not get a speed-reading, you had more than enough time to slow down to the legal speed limit. During the test the unit gave us a warning via the buzzer and the light.

After the Laser gun was turned off the unit gave a confirmation that no laser signal was being received.

With the warning light in the right place you will get plenty of notice even with the stereo up high.

The guns gave no reading or showed errors.




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