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TalexLite GPS Speed Camera Warning System

Above: The Talex unit

The TalexLite is a new GPS enabled Speed Camera warning system from Embedded Technology and works straight out of the box.

The Talex comes with a database pre-loaded into the unit and is ready to use immediately.

Powered by 12v or 24v this simple to use unit is hard to beat for pure value for money.

Unlike the full version this unit does not come with a 6 month subscription or USB cable and software. This is an extra cost, you need to decide if you want the 1 Year Subscription Kit £34.99 or the 3 Year Subscription Kit £59.99

In the box you get the Talex unit, Small Rubberised Magnetic Mount and Informative User Guide. The unit is dashboard mounted and I am told an optional windscreen mount is available if needed.

Above: The box contents.

The magnetic mount performs well. The LED screen is easy to read in most conditions.

The talex has the following features

  • Warnings of Fixed, Possible mobile and Red Light Camera’s
  • Speed Sensitive
  • Direction Sensitive
  • Road Specific Activation
  • Accurate Speed Reading
  • Time When Stationary
  • User Position Logging
  • Accident Black Spot Positions

Above: Talex on Windscreen mount. This example shows the Talex
in a position to clear a UV windscreen coating.

Much the same as its big brother this unit has a fixed warning range of 500 yards, which is more than enough warning. There are two warning modes, Normal and Cam mode. This could be a little confusing if you don't read the user guide. Normal mode is where you get all warnings, i.e. cameras and safety warnings, such as schools. Cam mode will only warn you about speed cameras and not include any safety warnings. As with its big brother I found Cam mode to be better as the unit made less noise, I was not so worried about the safety warnings.

The warnings come in the form of a speech warning and they are very clear. Some information is shown on the display at the time as well, this is the speed limit. The warning message for example is, "Warning speed camera ahead limit ..... miles per hour"the main let down is the lack of information the display can give. It has only 4 digits, so it can't give much information, but the speech more than makes up for this.

The unit is updated by an optional USB cable .

The Talex covers all fixed safety cameras, Accident Blackspot's, Schools, Congestion Charging cameras and laser van locations.


Capabilities of detector
Features of the detector
  • Warning of fixed speed camera monitoring systems.
  • Warning of red light camera monitoring systems.
  • Warning of possible mobile monitoring sites.
  • Optional warning of accident black spots.
  • Optional warning of schools.
  • Optional warning of congestion charging zones.
  • Small compact design, only 103mm (l) x 67mm (w) x 23mm (h).
  • Clearly announces the legal speed limit when approaching fixed camera sites.
  • Provides typically a 500 yard warning.
  • Easy Plug and Play dashboard mounting system with simple clean and easy magnetic mount system.
  • Bright LED text display allowing night and day operation.
  • Lightweight compact design.
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty.


Can we recommend it, Yes.

It has a limited and simple LED display but has one of the clearest voice alerts available.
Being a good budget priced unit, the Talex is a great first unit for anyone that wants to get a GPS based warning system.

It does the job you would expect and performs well. It is simple and easy to use.
One for your shopping list.

    What do we like. What don't we like.
    • It's performance
    • Clear easy to understand voice alert
    • Software upgradeable
    • Internet updating for new Speedtraps
    • Customer Support
    • 2 year manufacturers warranty.
    • Limited display


Review march 2005, updated October 2007

Please note. The Talex is a software driven system. This review was accurate at the time of publishing
it is well worth looking at the Talex site to see what has changed.


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