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Marom Traffic Law Enforcement System.

Marom Copyright ©Marom, an automated traffic monitoring system, which measures a vehicle's speed and detects tailgating. The front end system observes traffic via two invisible infrared beams across a given traffic lane in order to measure the travelling behaviour of a vehicle directed at a lane with two retro-reflectors mounted in the road surface from a field unit mounted at the roadside or on a bridge. Every vehicle passing between the Electro-optic head and the retro-reflectors breaks the two beams and triggers the unit computer to measure Speed, Acceleration, Headway and Vehicle Length.

Marom Copyright © The device captures a digital image of all vehicles, (front or rear of the vehicle, including its licence plate and the system can be customised to show the driver's face), exceeding pre-set limits - up to 2,000 offenders a day. The volume and speed of traffic makes no difference. It operates 24 hours a day in all lighting and weather conditions

The data processing unit, which integrates technology from Motorola, controls communication between the front-end system and the back room operation. This unit processes road data immediately. Fines, with a photo of the offender's vehicle attached, can be in the post one or two hours after the offence.

Alternatively a policeman situated just a few miles down the road can stop offenders and give them the NIP or fixed penalty in person. (See on-line Option)

The Marom system combined with the data processing unit, costs about $100,000, DSS is looking to move into Britain and roomers have it, trials are being done.

The Marom field unit is designed to offer great configuration flexibility. It may be deployed at the roadside, mounted on an overhead structure (bridge, gantry, etc.) either permanently or temporarily, or operated out of a parked vehicle. It may be disguised or exposed. Furthermore, dummy systems may be used in order to enhance its deterrent effect.
The Marom infrared Electro-optic technology changes the nature of the battle against road accidents because it is inherently immune to any known countermeasures, such as radar and laser detectors. The technology is also insensitive to external interference's such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) and other light sources.

On-line Option for On-the-Spot NIP or fixed penalty.

Marom On Line Disply Copyright ©The on-line Unit is an add-on feature to the Marom Field Unit. The On-line Unit operates in conjunction with the Field Unit to apprehend speeders and tailgaters within seconds of committing an offence. The on-line Unit is located down the road from the Marom Field Unit and is operated by a traffic officer. Once an offence is committed, the Marom Field Unit immediately relays all offence data, including a high-resolution digital photograph, to the on-line Unit. The on-line Unit instantaneously prints a NIP for the offence. The police officer is then able to stop the offending vehicle and issue the NIP or fixed penalty.



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