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Tracker unit mounted inside police car, this is the receiving end of the kit, used to locate a stolen car.    Copyright © Steve Warren

Not used to catch a speeding motorist, but to catch a car thief. This is a car locator, police are able to electronically recover a stolen vehicle. Specially trained Tracker technicians install a small radio transceiver about the size of a chalkboard eraser in a hidden, recessed area of a vehicle. A unique code for a given unit is paired with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle in the Police Criminal Information Computer. A routine police entry of the VIN of a stolen vehicle activates the Police Broadcast System, which turns on the transceiver unit in the stolen vehicle. Then, police cars, equipped with tracking computers, can receive the broadcast from the unit in the stolen vehicle.

The code, comprised of letters and numbers, allows police to identify the target using sophisticated directional technology. A powerful "silent signal, "emitted by the stolen vehicle's transceiver, can then lead the police to its location. Many years were spent developing and testing this unique patented technology before this car locator system was offered to law enforcement.

The vehicle locator system has an impressive record of recoveries that account for approximately 95% of the vehicles equipped with the technology being recovered. The car locator system has been a proven technology in operation for more than nine years. Types of vehicles recovered include automobiles, vans, pickups, heavy equipment, and eighteen wheel tractor trailers.

To tell if a Police Car has Tracker fitted, look for the 4 aerials on the roof, all the same size about 18" long spaced out in a square shape.


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