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Avon & Somerset www.safecam.org.uk
Bedfordshire Police - No Trap Info http://www.bedfordshire.police.uk
Cheshire Constabulary website - Fixed Traps http://www.cheshire.police.uk
City of London Police - No Trap Info http://www.cityoflondon.police.uk
Dorset Police http://www.dorsetsafetycameras.org.uk/camera_sites/mobile.htm
Derbyshire Police - Fixed and Mobile Trap Info. Other Good Info http://www.derbyshire.police.uk
Devon & Cornwall Police - Some Trap Info and sites http://www.devon-cornwall.police.uk
Essex Police - Trap info http://www.essex.police.uk
Gloucestershire Police - No Trap info http://www.gloucestershire.police.uk
Greater Manchester Police - No Trap Info http://www.gmp.police.uk
Hampshire Police - Trap Info on Specialist Teams, Traffic http://www.hampshire.police.uk
Hertfordshire Police - Trap Info http://www.hertsdirect.org/actweb/safetycameras/
Humberside Police - No Trap Info http://www.humberside.police.uk
Lancashire Police - Trap Info http://www.lancashire.police.uk
Leicestershire - Full trap Info. http://www.speedorsafety.com/
Linconshire Police - Trap Info http://www.lincs.police.uk
Merseyside Police - No Trap Info http://www.merseyside.police.uk
Kent Police http://www.kentandmedwaysafetycameras.org.uk/
Metropolitan Police - No Trap Info http://www.met.police.uk
Northamptonshire Police - Fixed and Mobile Trap Info. Other Good Info http://www.northants.police.uk
Norfolk Police - Go to Traffic Policing http://www.norfolk.police.uk/
Northumbria Police - No Trap Info http://www.northumbria.police.uk
South Yorkshire Police - Fixed and Mobile Trap Info. Other Good Info http://www.southyorks.police.uk
Suffolk Police - No Trap Info http://www.suffolk.police.uk


Staffordshire Police - Trap Info http://www.staffordshire.police.uk
Surrey Police - Trap Info http://www.surrey.police.uk
Sussex Police http://www.sussex.police.uk
Thames Valley Police - No Trap Info but good site @ http://www.thamesvalley.police.uk
Warwickshire Police - Direct site Trap & Camera Info http://www.smilecamera.co.uk
West Mercia Police - No Trap Info http://www.westmercia.police.uk
West Midlands Police - No Trap Info http://www.west-midlands.police.uk
West Yorkshire Police - Trap Info http://www.westyorkshire.police.uk http://www.safetycameraswestyorkshire.co.uk/
Wiltshire Police - Trap Info www.safetycameraswiltshire.co.uk

Dyfed-Powys Police Authority Website

North Wales Police - No Trap Info
Trap Info on http://www.arrivealive.org.uk/home/
South Wales Police - Trap info http://www.south-wales.police.uk

Scottish Police Forces Web Site - Scottish Links

Central Scotland Police Force Website - No Trap Info http://www.centralscotland.police.uk/
Dumfries and Galloway - Trap Info @ http://www.dumfriesandgalloway.police.uk/
Fife Constabulary Website - Trap Info http://www.fife.police.uk/
Grampian Police - No Trap Info http://www.grampian.police.uk/
Lothian and Borders Police - Trap Info http://www.lbp.police.uk/
Northern Constabulary - No Trap Info http://www.northern.police.uk/
Strathclyde Police http://www.strathclyde.police.uk/
Tauside Police - No Trap Info http://www.tayside.police.uk/


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